Food & Drink Mar 24, 2014

Blue Lagoon’s Head Chef Named the Nordic Chef of the Year

The annual Nordic Chef contest brings together all major Nordic chefs as they compete for the title of Chef of Scandinavia. This year, the winner was Icelandic chef Viktor Örn Andresson. The 2013 Icelandic chef of the year and member of the Icelandic National Culinary Team, Andresson has been head chef at Blue Lagoon‘s LAVA Restaurant since 2010. Andresson has a broad work experience both in Iceland and abroad, including at the Michelin star restaurant Domaine de Clairfontane in Lyon, France.

Chef Viktor Örn Andresson leads a team at LAVA Restaurant that’s focused on providing a superior customer experience. At LAVA, chefs use traditional Icelandic ingredients, like salmon, cod and lamb, and incorporate a touch of the New Nordic Kitchen to create contemporary dishes. Built into a stunning lava cliff, with views over the lagoon, LAVA is an unforgettable setting for a relaxed lunch, a family dinner or a romantic evening meal.

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About Blue Lagoon

The single most popular tourist attraction in Iceland, Blue Lagoon is 100% powered by clean geothermal energy. As a result, everything Blue Lagoon does is driven by a respect for the natural environment. Since its creation in 1976, Blue Lagoon has developed an exclusive range of products and services based its geothermal seawater which is known for its healing effect and active ingredients including minerals, silica and algae. Today, Blue Lagoon is recognized as one of the wonders of the world.

About Icelandic FoodIceland’s land and waters are kept pure through strict regulation and age old traditions of conservation. Icelandic culinary traditions favor pure, wholesome products that deliver bright, fresh flavors. Rich, unpolluted landscapes and abundant clean water offer the perfect environment for growing the best food. Iceland’s tight regulations enforce the highest standards in hygiene, taste, and appearance. The proof is in every delectable meal served and in every wild blueberry picked from Icelandic hillsides.