Products & Services Nov 24, 2020

Blue Lagoon Products Perfect for Your Whole Family!

Check out Blue Lagoon’s Holiday Gift Guide

Blue Lagoon is a world-renowned haven for natural skin care solutions and relaxation. Geothermal seawater flows from volcanic aquifers located 2,000 meters below the Earth’s crust, producing water enriched with algae, silica and minerals, which provoke Blue Lagoon’s unique blue color. These elements give the seawater powerful qualities and are the basis of Blue Lagoon’s natural skin care products. This year, Blue Lagoon has released their holiday gift guide to help you find products that are perfect for anyone you may be gifting to this year!

Explore gifts by type, who you are gifting to, and even explore special bundle deals on Blue Lagoon’s Holiday Gift Guide. The guide features special bundles like the Revitalizing Hair and Body Care set and the Nourishing Face Care set.

Blue Lagoon is even offering a deal so you can treat yourself this holiday season! Choose any gift for your loved ones with the hashtag #ChristmasForYou, and you can get the same gift for yourself with a 30% discount at checkout.

Which gift from Blue Lagoon are you hoping to find under your tree this year? Let us know in the comments below and check out the full holiday gift guide here!