Products & Services Dec 15, 2015

Blue Lagoon Inspires Victoria’s Secret’s New Athletic Line!

Victoria’s Secret harnessed Blue Lagoon’s stunning landscapes for a chic new pattern.

Blue Lagoon is world-renowned for its luxurious facilities, soothing skincare line, delicious LAVA restaurant, award-winning chef – and, of course, the stunning scenery surrounding the enchanting lagoon. Don’t take our word for it; take a peek at Victoria’s Secret’s new exercise line!

“Inspired by the Blue Lagoon’s majestic blue waters and stunning lava landscape, Victoria’s Secret has unveiled the newest edition to its line of exercise ensembles: The Show Off. Perfect for yoga, pilates, and weight training, this lightweight, silky-soft, strappy-back sport bra/pant outfit echoes the colors and the terrain of the Blue Lagoon.”

Blue Lagoon

It’s no surprise to us that the “Icelandic Scenery” pattern is already sold out online! What do you think of the company’s tribute to Blue Lagoon? Let us know on Twitter @IcelandNatural & @BlueLagoonIS!