Food & Drink Nov 04, 2013

Blue Lagoon Chef Viktor Örn Named Iceland’s ‘Chef of the Year’

Chef Viktor Örn Andrésson will next compete in the Nordic Chef of the Year Competition.

Viktor Örn Andrésson, chef at Blue Lagoon Iceland, won Iceland’s ‘Chef of the Year’ competition at Icelandic Hotel & Culinary School.

“The competition is important for the development of the profession here in Iceland. Emphasis on culinary experience is also a key factor in Iceland‘s tourism. The emphasis of Blue Lagoon on the culinary experince is significant for its importance,“ Andresson said. 

Rúnar Pierre Heriveanx, who is studying to become a chef and works at Blue Lagoon, was named ‘Apprentice Chef of the Year.’

“Blue Lagoon has emphasized increasing the interest of young people to learn to become chefs, and Rúnar‘s result is encouraging for us to continue on the same path,“ Andresson added.

Andresson will compete on Iceland‘s behalf in the ‘Nordic Chef of the Year’ competition, which takes place in Sweden in April 2014. 

Andresson has worked as a head chef at Blue Lagoon since 2010 and encompasses a broad work experience in Iceland and abroad. His experience includes working at the Michelin star restaurant Domaine de Clairfonte in Lyon, France.