Business & Government Oct 15, 2012

Bloomberg News Calls Icelandic Recovery “Impressive”

A recent article from Bloomberg News said that since the 2008 financial crisis, “Iceland has turned in a pretty impressive performance,” citing the country’s unique approach to recovery as a key factor in Iceland’s rebound. 

“Iceland’s approach was the polar opposite of the U.S. and Europe, which rescued their banks and did little to aid indebted homeowners. Although lessons drawn from Iceland, with just 320,000 people and an economy based on fishing, aluminum production and tourism, might not be readily transferable to bigger countries, its rebound suggests there’s more than one way to recover from a financial meltdown.

Nothing distinguishes Iceland as much as its aid to consumers. To homeowners with negative equity, the country offered write-offs that would wipe out debt above 110 percent of the property value. The government also provided means-tested subsidies to reduce mortgage-interest expenses: Those with lower earnings, less home equity and children were granted the most generous support.”

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