Nature & Environment Jan 23, 2021

Blámi Project Launches to Inspire Innovative Energy Transition Projects

Learn more about the cooperative agreement between Landsvirkjun, the Westfjords Regional Development Office and the Westfjord Power Company!

In December, Landsvirkjun, the Westfjords Regional Development Office and the Westfjord Power Company signed a cooperative agreement to launch Blámi, an energy transition and innovation project.

The main goal of the Blámi Project is to inspire the development of innovative energy transition projects, aiming to increase the use of environmentally friendly fuel, hydrogen and e-fuel in transport and industry. The project will support energy and climate change-related initiatives, empowering entrepreneurs and promoting innovation in the Westfjords.

The project also aims to attract partnerships and international funding for experimentation, research, and development on energy- and eco-friendly solutions. These new opportunities could help the region to move towards a more circular economy, where the increased use of underused raw materials will be used to create value for existing and future businesses and ventures. 

Ríkarður Ríkarðsson, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Innovation at Landsvirkjun says, “We Icelanders are committed to fulfilling the climate goals we have set. However, every challenge brings opportunity, and our gradual energy transition could eventually lead to Iceland becoming fully energy independent. Iceland could be among the first countries to fully decarbonize which could greatly increase the competitiveness of our export industries which are based on the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial resources.”

For more information about the Blámi Project and Landsvirkjun’s commitment to sustainability, visit Landsvirkjun’s website and follow the company on Twitter