Nature & Environment Jun 11, 2019

Arctic Adventure Cruises for the Whole Family

Guest post by Jenny Holt

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Iceland is a perfect, unique, and educational destination for families due to its stunning landscape, icy exterior, awe-inspiring Blue Lagoon, and storied Viking history. Not only is its capital of Reykjavik bursting with unique sights and activities, but the country also has a myriad of landscapes that will make you dream of a bucket-list worthy Icelandic cruise trip with your whole family.

Cruise Your Way to a Family-Friendly Holiday

If you’re taking your family on an intercontinental adventure, it’s best to choose a family-friendly cruise line that will ensure fun for everyone. Cruises are the perfect avenue for a holiday getaway because they’re easy to pack for, offer a variety of off and on board activities, and are designed with families in mind. Plus, in a country like Iceland, there will be unforgettable sights and learning experiences for a variety of ages, like the Great Geysir and the famed Golden Circle.

Experience Iceland as a Family

Iceland has a varied, stunning landscape that will leave your family speechless. From snow-capped mountains and glaciers, to an arctic safari, and on top of it all, access to nearby islands like Baffin Island and Greenland, there’s no shortage of sights to see. Famously family-friendly Disney Cruise Line’s port in Reykjavik offers exciting opportunities such as trekking through the wilderness on horseback or dog sleds.

Conveniently, Disney offers excursions based on children’s age, which helps make planning easier for parents. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, which Disney also offers a cruise stop for, is perfect for all families – even ones with young toddlers. Children ages two and older are allowed to swim in the mystic lagoon as long as they are wearing the approved floatation devices on their arms.

Other Alternative Cruise Lines

Other family-friendly lines, like Norweigian Cruise Line, offer experiences to the famous Golden Circle.  Only 30 miles from the capital, its convenience for the family who doesn’t want to travel too long in a day goes unstated. On this single day adventure, parents can learn about fascinating viking history, while the kids can awe over the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall. This excursion promises a busy, sight-filled day while still being back in the capital for nightfall.

Forget the beach. Give your family a lasting and unique memory by taking them on a family Arctic adventure cruise through Iceland.