Food & Drink Sep 21, 2013

Annual Lighting of Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower on October 9

Yoko Ono created the Imagine Peace tower in memory of her husband, John Lennon, in 2007. Located on the coast of Vioey Island in Reyjkavik, the Peace Tower symbolizes Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s campaign for world peace. The monument is a wishing well with the words “imagine peace” inscribed on it in 24 languages.

Each year the Imagine Peace tower is lit from October 9, Lennons birthday through December 8, the anniversary of his death. The strength and intensity of the light varies depending on the weather and atmospheric conditions unique to Iceland. On clear nights the tower creates a brilliant pillar of light.

The wishing well stands on a platform made of hyalite, dolerite and basalt, all native Icelandic stone. The platform is about 55 feet in diameter and the well itself is about 13 feet wide. The light is powered by entirely natural geothermal energy common in Iceland.

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