Products & Services Oct 13, 2016

Announcing Icelandair’s Expanded Service & Stopover Buddy Program

Extended service is now offered from Denver, Chicago, Edmonton and more!

To kick off 2017, Icelandair is expanding its North American flight service! The airline will offer double daily service from Washington-Dulles, daily service from Chicago and Edmonton, as many as nine flights a week from Denver and up to five flights a week from Portland.

Earlier this month, Icelandair announced the addition of Tampa Bay and Philadelphia to the roster of North American airports offering Icelandair flights. With the acquisition of Boeing 767s, Icelandair has been able to increase flights and boost capacity, giving the airline its largest flight network in its 79-year history!  

In addition to the new North American flights, Icelandair has brought back its innovative Stopover Buddy initiative! The program allows you to explore Iceland before completing your transatlantic travels with one of Icelandair’s employees. Ranging from pilots to the CEO, all Buddies are not only local experts, but also have a strong connection to the land they call home. The service will continue through March 31, 2017. Request a Buddy today!

“Today’s travelers are seeking local, unique and personalized adventures. By bringing back our Stopover Buddy service, with a new focus on celebrations, we are able to help passengers create unforgettable memories on an Icelandair Stopover with our Buddies’ local knowledge and connections,” said Birkir Hólm Guðnason, Icelandair CEO. “Our Buddies are passionate and friendly individuals who can not only help take passengers off the beaten track, but also enlighten them in local culture and responsible tourism.”

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