Music & Art Jul 21, 2015

Annie Leibovitz Captures Iceland’s Beautiful Landscapes in Moncler Shoot

Brother & sister Lucky and Pyper Smith are featured in the new campaign.

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz recently traveled to Iceland to shoot the new Moncler fall/winter campaign. The stars of the campaign (aside from Iceland of course!) are 17 and 18-year-old teens, Lucky and Pyper Smith who hail from Utah. Inspiration for the campaign was drawn from a mixture of Nordic sagas and traditional Russian and Slavic folklore. Click here to watch the exclusive video from Vogue France documenting Leibovitz’s photographic journey through Iceland.

The shoot revolves around four characters (and one dog): an elderly soothsayer, a Snow Queen and the Smith brother-sister team. When the brother, Lucky, is captured by the Snow Queen, his sister Pyper comes to his rescue. Iceland’s own Eva Katrín Baldursdóttir plays the mysterious Snow Queen who encounters Lucky on his travels.

The shoot had models posing under waterfalls, on moss-covered rocks, in the middle of a snowstorm and trekking up a mountainside, showing how truly diverse the Icelandic terrain can be.

“What an amazing land we’re in!” Annie Leibovitz shouted as she worked. “It’s incredible!” 

Check out some of the photos from the shoot below: