Food & Drink Feb 19, 2013

Acclaimed Icelandic Production of Metamorphosis Comes to Boston & D.C.

Founded by 13 artists in 2001, the Iceland-based Vesturport Theatre rose to international prominence when their production of Romeo & Juliet became a hit at the Young Vic and later the West End in London.

Vesturport is performing the acclaimed production of Kafka’s Metamorphosis in Washington, D.C. as a part of Nordic Cool 2013 and in Boston leading up to A Taste of Iceland in Boston.

Kafka’s terrifying but bizarrely comic story bursts onto the stage in this theatrically explosive new version. Fantastic and horrific, surprisingly funny and poignant, the ordinary, unremarkable life of the Samsa family turns upside down when their son, Gregor, emerges one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a gigantic bug.

Combining breathtaking physicality and daring aerial action, the recently transformed Gregor lithely negotiates a gravity-defying split level set in this hugely acclaimed production directed and adapted by Gisli Örn Gardarsson and David Farr.

With evocative original music composed by world-renowned musician and lyricist Nick Cave and long-time collaborator Warren Ellis from The Bad Seeds, the music emphasizes Kafka’s dream-like vision and turns it into an electrifying reality. Click here to watch a trailer for the show.

Performances in Washington, D.C.

Performances in Boston, MA

Metamorphosis is a Vesturport and Lyric Hammersmith production.