Music & Art Dec 10, 2012

ABC’s Nightline Goes Behind the Scenes With Iceland’s Daring Rescue Teams

Their name may throw you off.

But the Flugbjorgunarsveitin is an important aspect of Iceland’s national fabric.

Known in English as ICE-SARS, or Iceland Association for Search and Rescue, the Flugbjorgunarsveitin is comprised of an all-volunteer force of 18,000 people.

Iceland has no army, no police and a population of just over 300,000. Each winter, members of ICE-SARS are mobilized to search for climbers who have fallen into cracks in glaciers or simply disappeared.

ABC’s “Nightline” tagged along for a training mission with one of the legendary ICE-SARS teams, a group from the small town of Hella.

Click here to see what happens when ABC’s Jeffrey Kofman goes through a rescue exercise with the team inside of a glacier crevice in his “Nightline” report.