Nature & Environment May 29, 2019

A Part Of Us (So Near and So Far a Journey Never Ends)

Guest post by Samuele Bozzoni

We hope you’ll enjoy this poem by guest writer Samuele Bozzoni. Samuele wrote this while spending time in Iceland’s northern capital city, Akureyri.

You don’t know
how many nights
I dreamed to be
Even only
a little moment
day or night
as a part of us
That’s so together
you and me
What it means
I’m not sure
but from sometime
in my dreams
I wanted to be
a small part
of your life
And only
to sit down
with all of you
hearing your
strange language
In a faraway island
or even so close
Watching children play
on the beach
Making friendship
with a couple
They know how
Is true love now
Talking with an old man
About old stories
They say that feelings
lead us away
Because I believe it
We can start every day
this journey
And for this
my heart is singing
And I need and I want
be a part of you
or better I say
a part of us
Dancin’ till morning
our music
Even if it would be
to listen the sound
of something strange