Nature & Environment Mar 21, 2019

A Guide to Some of Iceland’s Best Geothermal Baths

Icelandair is bringing you a map to explore several of Iceland’s best geothermal baths!

Iceland is famous for its picturesque landscape, rich culture, and of course, natural geothermal baths. While Blue Lagoon is the most famous geothermal bath in the country, Iceland is full of other mineral-rich pools. Almost every town has one, whether they’re man-made for visitors or naturally occurring springs. Icelandair has mapped out the best geothermal baths to visit. The “soakers circuit” has six baths around the country allowing travelers to plan a road trip to the best basking pools!

Krauma, Reykholt

Krauma opened in late 2017 at the site of the Deildartunguhver thermal spring. This trendy pool is an hour and a half from Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik, making it the perfect spot for a spontaneous day-trip away from the city. Krauma not only houses thermal baths, but also a restaurant, a relaxation room, two steam-baths and well-equipped changing rooms.

Outside the buildings lie several small heating pools and, for those who are brave, another, cooler pool set to 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) – drastically different from the warmer temperatures! Krauma’s most popular pool is their infinity pool located at the front of the complex. The sunset views along with Iceland’s mountain ranges add to the overall calming nature of the experience.

GeoSea, Húsavík

GeoSea, opened in August 2018, is the newest thermal bath in Iceland. GeoSea is a bit further away from Reykjavik, located in the northern town of Húsavík. Although it’s a slightly longer trip, visitors are rewarded by the beautiful views of Skjálfandi Bay and the Kinnarfjöll mountain range.

The pools at GeoSea are interconnected and there is even a top pool where visitors can order drinks while they soak. Similar to Krauma, GeoSea also has a popular infinity pool that captivates visitors. Bathers can swim to the end of the pool and enjoy a panoramic view of Northern Iceland’s stunning landscape! In the event the wind picks up and it gets too cold to enjoy your soak, the GeoSea offers steam rooms to warm up.

In the past two years, Iceland has opened up two geothermal pools, Krauma and GeoSea. Another, Vӧk Bath, is set to open summer 2019.

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Featured image photo credit: Krauma