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A Closer Look at Vallanes, Iceland’s Leading Organic Barley Farm

Móðir Jörð specializes in growing grains at Vallanes farm, located in eastern Iceland.

Móðir Jörð is an Icelandic premium organic food brand that specializes in grains, primarily barley. Barley has played an important part in past Icelandic culinary history and has recently started to make its way into Icelandic contemporary cuisine. Barley is an excellent whole grain that is rich in vitamin E, B1, and B2 and has a set of complicated carbohydrates that stabilize the blood sugar, providing long lasting energy.

Móðir Jörð products originate in eastern Iceland at an organic farm called Vallanes. Iceland is an ideal location for growing grains: the slow and concentrated growth in cooler and unpolluted climates, such as those found in Nordic areas, tend to maximize the nutrition and flavor of the grain. Vallanes, Móðir Jörð was founded by Eymundur Magnússon and his wife who started organic farming in 1985. Harvest after harvest, Eymundur focuses on further developing the farming of grains and vegetables in Iceland. His goal is to promote healthy lifestyles, organic farming, and organic food production in his homeland and beyond.  

The products, which include breakfast ingredients, chutneys, and jams, are produced at the farm and are made of 100% organic ingredients. For a full list of Móðir Jörð’s organic products click here. Also on their website, you can find a list of delicious soup, cake, and salad recipes. Check them out here. All of the recipes are made from ingredients cultivated on the farm.