Food & Drink Sep 28, 2018

6 Must-Try Cocktails for Fall!

Iceland’s Reyka Vodka is bringing you some tasty fall inspired beverages to try at home!

Now that the cooler weather is here, it’s time to trade in your Pina Coladas for something a bit more seasonal! Reyka Vodka, Iceland’s purest vodka, is bringing you six autumn-inspired cocktails to try at home as fall sets in:

Pear Mule:

2 parts Reyka Vodka  

3 parts pear juice

2 parts ginger beer  

½ part lime

Glass: mule mug  

Garnish: pear slice

Combine all the ingredients into mule mug with ice and stir. Garnish & serve.

Mozzarella Caprese Bloody Mary:

2 parts Reyka Vodka

4 parts fresh Bumble tomatoes, juiced  

1 dash Tabasco

1 dash Worcestershire

Pinch of salt & pepper  

¼  part lemon juice

Glass: Collins

Garnish: mozzarella balls & basil sprig

Endless Summer (by Aisha Sharpe):

1 ½ parts Reyka Vodka

1 part Chardonnay

8-10 seedless red grapes

¾ part lemon juice

¾ part simple syrup  

Glass: rocks

Garnish: grapes

Place 8-10 seedless red grapes into the rocks glass and muddle. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir.


2 parts Reyka Vodka

1 part lemon juice

½  part maple syrup

Apple baked bitters

Celery bitters  

Glass: martini

Garnish: apple chip

Combine all the ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake, strain & garnish.

Fall Bellini:

1 part Reyka Vodka

¾ part spiced syrup

8-10 parts sparkling champagne

Glass: flute

Garnish: Baby’s Breath

Spiced Syrup: Bring 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, ½ tsp ground black pepper, 10 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick  2½ in, 1 star anise, and 1 peel from an orange to a boil in a pot. Reduce heat, and simmer 5 minutes. Let  cool completely. Fine strain and bottle.

Sage Spiced Collins:

2 parts Reyka Vodka

1 ½ parts lemon juice

1 part Black Pepper Sage  syrup

Top club soda

Glass: Collins

Garnish: sage bunch

Combine all ingredients except for soda into shaker. Shake, strain, top & garnish.

Black Pepper Sage syrup: 1 cup  of water, 1 cup of sugar. Grate 1 oz fresh  peppercorn to 32 oz boiling water. Then cut with an equal amount of sugar (32oz). Let simmer for 15 minutes then strain.

Which cocktail are you most excited to try this fall? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!