Nature & Environment Sep 17, 2014

11 Stunning Photos of the Bardarbunga Volcano Eruption

Mashable shares breathtaking photos of the Icelandic volcano.

Since August 29th, the world has been closely watching Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano as the majestic natural occurrence continues to erupt along the Holuhraun fissure. Mashable recently shared 11 unbelievable photos documenting this beautiful act of nature. According to Andrew Freedman of Mashable, “The lava has flown out of the collapsed crater of Bardarbunga, known as a caldera, in a nearly 30 mile long dyke, before reaching the Earth’s surface.”

The lava itself moves slowly, but even still, the movement is captured in each picture: The cautious steps of a bystander approaching the lava field to get a closer look, the gray smoke billowing out of the Holuhraun fissure and lava fountains spewing hot magma are just a few examples of the dramatic show being put on by the volcano.

Magma crawls down the volcano’s side, giving the surrounding landscape an orange glow. Contrasted against the dark terrain, the lava’s color pops with the deep blue sky above. The opportunity to capture  mesmerizing images like those previously mentioned has attracted numerous photographers to the site of the volcano. As the magma continues to flow, so have the opportunities to document this powerful display of nature. Check out these other incredible photos of the volcano in action.

A brave soul in front of flowing lava, Bardarbunga in the evening, and other spectacular shots can all be found in Mashable‘s list of images, each one more breathtaking than the next. For those looking for live updates, be sure to check out this Bardarbunga webcam and see the volcano’s eruptions in real time as they happen!

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