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Products & Services Nov 14, 2019
Reykjavík Wins Travel News Market’s “Gold Award” as a Travel Destination for 2020! Travel News Market recognizes Reykjavík as the #1 must-see location for weekend travelers.
In Iceland Sep 04–08, 2019
Reykjavík Jazz Festival Returns to Iceland September 4-8! The second longest running music festival in Iceland is back with more exciting music.
In Iceland Sep 26–Oct 06, 2019
This Year’s Reykjavík International Film Festival Returns from September 26 – October 6! The acclaimed film festival celebrates independent films from over 40 different countries.
In Iceland Aug 24, 2019
Celebrate Reykjavík’s Annual Culture Night This August! This popular festival kicks off the capital city’s cultural programming for the year.
Music & Art May 21, 2019
Three Must-See Art Pieces in Reykjavik! Iceland’s capital is home to some magnificent art installations.
Music & Art, Nature & Environment, Products & Services Apr 29, 2019
Top Six Things To Do In Reykjavík This Spring From golfing to art festivals, these are the top six attractions in Iceland’s capital
In Iceland Apr 13–18, 2019
The Annual Reykjavik Blues Festival is back! Iceland’s most popular blues celebration returns April 13-18!
Music & Art, News Mar 20, 2019
Reykjavík is Set to Host the 2020 European Film Awards! The prestigious awards ceremony recognizes the year’s most notable European cinematic achievements.
In Iceland Apr 25–27, 2019
Sónar Reykjavik Celebrates Music and Technology During Iceland’s Northern Lights Season! Sónar Reykjavik 2019 has been cancelled.
In Iceland Mar 07–10, 2019
The 8th Annual Rainbow Reykjavík Winter Pride Festival Returns to Iceland! From March 7-10, the festival will honor the LGBT community
In Iceland Apr 24–27, 2019
Experience the Reykjavík International Literary Festival! One of Europe’s most widely acclaimed literary festivals returns for its 34th year this April.
In North America Mar 21–24, 2019
Made in Reykjavik 2019, Presented by Icelandair Celebrate Icelandic culture in Denver from March 21-24, 2019!
In Iceland Mar 28–31, 2019
Iceland’s Acclaimed DesignMarch Festival Returns to Reykjavík! The 11th annual festival promises to be the largest yet.
Products & Services Feb 22, 2019
My Iceland Stopover And Visit To Seattle’s Sister City: Reykjavik By Kim Edwards
Food & Drink Feb 05, 2019
Eat Your Way Through Reykjavik! The best meals, deals, and events to experience Reykjavik’s bustling food culture!
In Iceland Feb 07–10, 2019
Reykjavik’s Winter Lights Festival Returns! The festival celebrates the winter world and the growing light after a long period of darkness.
Business & Government Dec 27, 2018
Reykjavik Is One of the Top Destinations for Events and Conferences! As event coordinators look for more sustainable cities, Reykjavik claims a top spot.
Nature & Environment, News Dec 26, 2018
Celebrate the New Year by Watching Reykjavik’s Famous Fireworks Live! Tune in to our Facebook page at 6:50pm ET for a livestream of the show!
Music & Art Dec 19, 2018
The Best Cultural Attractions in Reykjavik Check out some of the best attractions in Reykjavik during your next visit!
In Iceland Jan 24–Feb 03, 2019
The Reykjavík International Games Return to Iceland! Get ready for one of Iceland’s most exciting competitive sporting events!